The Vandelay

The Vandelay

Bak den rosa døren i Operagata finner du The Vandelay — en moderne bistro og nabolagsfavoritt. Kom innom for en skikkelig digg frokost, brunsj i helgene og middager hele uken.

Oslobukta wave
  • Man9 - 17
  • Tir - fre08-23.30
  • Lør09-23.30
  • Søn9 -17
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The Vandelay is meant to be a laid back place with good food — a place the chefs themselves want to go to with family or friends. You can stop by for breakfast from half past seven in the morning, for brunch on the weekends and for dinner any day of the week. It's always open.

PS: It is recommended to book a table, but there is room for drop-ins.

Operagata 30
0194 Oslo